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In a class of its own, Westmount boats its first-class charm. An area equipped with affluence and accessibility. Such prestigious lifestyle has a unique blend of family and urban chic living that compliments the ‘professional family life’ to perfection!

Westmount is a fusion of luxury and quality, creating an ideal atmosphere for family life, while still maintaining the finer details of lavish day-to-day activities. A typical day may start with a stroll through the many parks and ample green spaces, followed by a steamy cup of coffee, and a fresh croissant at the local corner patisserie. To continue, you will have the option of taking your children to several high- ranking private schools or top public schools. As the day comes to a close you can be sure to return to comfort – feeling safe and secure for you and your children to enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard among a warm community feel. Many homes in Westmount come fully equipped with a pool in the backyard and privacy to light up the BBQ and enjoy dinner in peace.

The city is buzzing with array of beautiful, modern homes. Regardless of the size of your family, you will find many styles of homes; lower and upper duplexes mix with semi-detached and detached properties. Typically, Westmount family homes are furnished with a separate nanny quarters. The homes in Westmount are quite frankly the elite of Montreal.

Westmount if often referred to by locals as ‘The Village’. It has air of convenience, where the best of everything is at your reach; in a cozy, pristine neighbourhood. One of Westmount’s main streets – Sherbrooke Street that runs east / west is garnished with speciality gourmet shops, coffee shops, restaurants and luxury boutiques. Transportation is also easily accessible, creating ease and independence for your busy teens. Westmount’s newest addition features a brand-new, state of the art recreation center. The center appeals to all interests with a plethora of activities ranging from indoor hockey, yoga, swimming and much more. You certainly won’t be bored in Westmount!
Experience quality lifestyle, unlike any other in Montreal and fall in love with your home away from home.