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Massage Matters is founded on the concept of optimal health - from the inside out. Thus, we do not simply offer exclusive traditional massage but also incorporate chiropractic treatment in our clinic. Massage Matters projects an aura of calm in our tastefully furnished spa-like atmosphere while providing specialized services that effectively improve the health of our clients. In our quest towards excellence, we are persistent in maintaining a standard of professional care and are proudly equipped only with registered massage therapists, who work relentlessly to customize massages based on individual patient needs. Our clinic is also conveniently located in St.Larwrence Market – Toronto (Bank of Upper Canada Building). At Massage Matters we are dedicated to taking care of what matters most!


About Us

Mission Statement
We are devoted to helping our patients achieve optimal health through the relief of stress, promotion of relaxation by way of message, specialized chiropractic care and client education.

Massage Matters is an experienced massage and chiropractic clinic - for good reason too. Studies indicate that massage is effective in reducing stress, muscle tension and pain. While results of chiropractic care have shown relief in isolated injuries, back pain, fibromyalgia and even headaches; to name a few. Our clinical approach sets forth the necessary expertise by way of our staff’s extensive medical background in advancing recovery as well as stabilizing overall good health. To add the cherry on top, our clinic reflects a serene ambiance for utmost relaxation.

Our chiropractor and registered nurses encourage consistence in massage treatments not only for basic relaxation but to improve long-term health, which we support by way of Massage Matters Client Membership.(add link to membership page)

Our clinic is established within a cultured heritage building; encompassed by old fashioned bricks, fused together by modern touches of trendy art and fixtures. We make Massage Matters a comfortable, spa like experience, while offering professional medical care – simply because, massage does matter and our bodies will prove it true.

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(Services, Products & Bio )

The natural approach is our mark of pride as we don’t believe in using harsh, invasive methods on delicate skin. Our principles allow us to offer clients revolutionary methods that are not only cost effective but work directly with the skin to increase its’ health and glow.

Services Include: (link to each section)
 Non-Surgical Facelift
 Collagen Induction Therapy (micro-needling)
 Microdermabrasion
 Oxyfacial Sessions
 Chemical Peels
 Facial Lymphatic Drainage
 Facial Cupping

Non-Surgical Facelift
As skin ages we often find that youthful taut glowing skin has disappeared, leaving us with dull, sagging, skin. For clients looking for an extreme rejuvenation process we offer a 3-phase, bio-kinetic energy rejuvenation system. While it sounds complicated, rest assured it is natural and gentle on the skin. This system brings about real results with many clients seeing a visible difference after only one session.
Light, current and ultra-sonic frequencies are used to stimulate the body’s natural response. This will increase ATP levels that restore vital energy to cells and encourage penetration of anti-oxidant products. Light electrodes are also used to compliment treatment for acne and skin pigmentation. Unlike thermal damage methods (ie. laser), clients are more at ease when undergoing this procedure as it works with the body to rejuvenate, and ‘lift’ the skin’s natural glow.
Treatment for:
 Hyperpigmentation ( uneven skin tone)
 Acne
 Sagging facial muscles
 Fine lines and wrinkles
 Appearance of loose, dull skin (through facial contour and tightening)
3-Phase Process
Kinelase – low intensity light is applied to stimulate acupoints connected to facial tissue. This activates metabolic responses at a cellular level as the body responds in a completely natural way.
Kinelift – An impulse micro-current, combined with light is applied to produce a visible lift effect. The red light spectrum triggers a wave of energy that stimulates collagen production. This process replicates bioelectric currents that are naturally present in the body. Clients feel a very mild sensation, with no discomfort.
Kineson – An ultrasonic frequency that provides a celluar massage and oxygenates skin. This phase increases cell performance and energy thus reducing fine lines as tissue regenerate.

Length of Treatment
While results are visible to many clients after only one session, it is necessary for an individual client assessment to determine exactly how many sessions will be needed for optimal results.
Once the full treatment is completed, resulting in healthier, natural glowing skin, clients can expect results to last up to three months. It is recommended that the procedure is done every month to maintain results.
Age, skin type, health factors and over-all condition of your skin will be discussed during your free consultation. Book Appointment Now! (link to contact form)

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POUT Gift Cards

Unwrap Gorgeous!

Who said you can’t give the gift of gorgeous? It can be a tiring process of having to think of a new gift idea every single year – so why not consider POUT? The POUT Experience offers the perfect gift of pampering, pleasure and personality. Say, ‘I love you’ with POUT gift cards – choose from our $100 - $200 - $500 cards.

POUT Referral Program

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Share the POUT love Toronto and we’ll love you right back! POUT’s referral program is simple: anyone referred to us by you will immediately earn you $25 off your account, as well they will receive $25 off their first treatment. So, share the love – we’re pretty sure once you get a taste of the POUT Experience you’ll be doing it without even realizing it!

POUT the ‘Perfect Gentlemen’

Command Respect!

Even though beauty is only skin deep, truth of the matter is we are constantly being judged by it. First impressions are proven to be lasting, as studies have shown it takes a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, without it changing much from prolonged exposure. We live in a competitive world, and conquering it requires edge and class. At POUT we understand the critical nature of effective self-care for that extra kick in conquering goals.

Part of the POUT Experience is to cater to the specific needs of men. We don’t believe beauty is limited to women, because regardless of gender we are relentlessly judged by it. Our professional staff will walk you through the steps, and make the ‘confident you’ an easy, secure process. Research shows that there is a 10% increase from last year in the number of men looking for effective cosmetic enhancements such as Botox, dermal filler and mesotheraphy. And, why not? POUT is feasible avenue that can legitimately improve your overall confidence.

Be the ‘Perfect POUT Gentleman’ and join the ranks of the big-boys in town!


The best secrets are the hardest to keep in, wouldn’t you agree? So just let it out! POUT wants to show our fans some appreciation: ‘Like’ us, then ‘SHARE’ us on Facebook and we will return the favour with a $50 gift voucher towards your first treatment*.

*Offer only applicable to first time clients.


Come ‘n Get It Toronto!!

Love knows no bounds! At present POUT has you covered at three beautiful locations, for your comfort and ease!

Warning - Brace yourself we’re on a POUT mission to make TORONTO a full-out POUT Experience wink

We are excited to reserve your time slot – go ahead and fill in our contact form or just give us a call!

See you soon!
POUT’s trendy, friendly experts


Botox is a commonly misunderstood procedure - it simply works by relaxing the muscular pull on the targeted muscle, therefore providing an effective solution to reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Botox that adds a ‘lil sugar to those lips – that’s dermal filler. Botox turns harsh facial lines into subtle and calm, while it can wither away wrinkles.

There’s more that cosmetic Botox can do for you – celebrity or not, it’s an easy cost effective sparkle-me-up facial enhancer.

Treatment of lines and wrinkles:
• Glabella region (a fancy word for the frown area between the eyes)
• Forehead ( targeting those harsh horizontal lines)
• Crow’s feet ( around the eyes, also known as ‘smile lines’)

Dramatically reduces certain appearances:
• Gummy smile
• Bunny lines around the nose

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We specialize in creating the perfect finish for our clients’ dream plans, with the luxury of true craftsmanship and quality natural stone.

Header Homepage
We are perfectionists in template precision, fabrication, and installation of luxury stone, for a flawless finish every time. Guaranteed*.

*Granite Countertop Experts guarantees all work entirely contracted through us directly, will be properly treated, and accurately installed. If any mishap may occur, we will gladly rectify the issue; on us.

NOTE: Guarantees are very strong in establishing trust, you did say if there’s an issue on your part you will eat it up , it’s best to check with a lawyer of potential repercussions using the word guarantee, however as mentioned it is very strong in swaying buyers and building trust.

Our Top-Notch Customer Care Service Process
As highly skilled and rooted professionals in granite, marble, quartz, soap stone (add more?) and the like, we also emphasize the value of our customers’ vision. We offer a fully comprehensive service process, to protect our clients from avoidable issues with their stone slabs and guide them in creating the ambiance they are after.
Step 1: SELECTING YOUR STONE - Avoiding paying premium rates for low grade slabs
It takes dedication and time to select the perfect natural stone to compliment the plan you envisioned. This process requires patience, and a great deal of knowledge in various stone grades, design implementation, and finishes of stone. We are keen to educate our clients on the pros and cons of different stones and finishes. An example most people can relate to is that of a diamond: while it may be still be a diamond, the quality and grade differ, and so does the price. A professional eye is required to decipher the difference, and walk you through the ins and outs in selecting your perfect stone. We make it our business to save our clients from selecting over valued stone that can potentially pose serious problems in installation or future use.

Why don’t you quote your prices per square foot?

While we get this a lot, the answer is pretty simple; we don’t think it is fair for both you and us. There are a number of factors that come into play when giving clients a quote. The first is the type of material; it’s unfair to say a diamond and a ruby are the same, just as you cannot say marble and quartz are the same. Secondly, quality plays a part too. Not all slabs are of the same grade, even if it’s the same type of stone. Thirdly, issues such as the layout of the stone (ie, possible use of movement), and seams have to be considered. Or competitors often group lower quality, smaller slabs at premium prices. It’s not a fair deal. We charge for what the customer wants and needs – without inflation for the sake of making pricing easier or making it appear to be cheaper (quality being the difference).
What is your turn around time like?