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A Swiss French citizen, born and raised in Paris – France, Maxime Navarre is established in International Business Development spanning all areas across the globe, with specialized focus and solidified networks in Latin America. He stands equipped with 25 years of experience, supported by an extensive business educational background from France, China, USA, Japan and Singapore. Having held many executive leadership roles based on strong international business developmental works, Maxime is seeded by his success in the French market through entrepreneurial and business strategies.
In 1996 Maxime narrowed his attention to the Panama business sector. He began as a distributor for a Swiss firm and advanced to the position as General Manager of Viveros Resort & Club land development project (Pearl Islands). This mark of success in Latin America’s real estate industry granted access to strong links, insider knowledge in offering sound business strategies and paved the road to the ever increasing real estate projects he continues to undertake.

His large international network and solidified business practices bred strong real estate developmental experience. Maxime first founded a French based business strategy firm in 2003 attracting prestigious accounts in the multinational retail and real estate development banking sectors throughout the region. He persevered and later founded Palmyra Consulting; a broker firm specializing in Latin America’s real estate industry. Thereafter, Maxime co-founded N&C Capital to encapsulate the Panamanian real estate investment and developmental industry.

Megan Kozak - The Pout Clinic

Reflected through a lifelong passion, Megan Kozak has the love of beauty running through her veins. At the age of 20, she began her modelling career having travelled extensively to cities such as LA, New York, Miami, as well as various cities in Mexico and Central America. Her roots in modelling exposed her to the world of beauty, stemming from the onset of her adult life. Her work extends to various print campaigns, including being featured in various magazines such as UMM. She also graced the cover of the popular Russian fashion magazine, Mon Octpob.
Alongside Megan’s modelling career she embraced her second passion - health and wellness - and studied Nursing at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Megan graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing, but wanted to take her title as Registered Nurse to new heights. Although her background as a Registered Nurse began in Burns & Plastics and Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplant, she couldn’t let go of her passion for beauty.
In order to combine her expertise as a Registered Nurse with her passion for beauty, Megan advanced her education and became Certified in Aesthetic Injections. She is a proud member of the College of Nurses of Ontario, as well as a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.
Megan has captured her skill set into the art of cosmetic injections, realizing quickly that it takes more than qualifications to provide exceptional results. She has a talent to formulate quality care, expertise, and a natural eye for the aesthetic and wanted to bring the concept of “Expert Care with a Beauty Flair” to life. Hence, she founded POUT - the entire package that focuses on appropriate patient education, medical expertise, and optimal aesthetic results.
Megan brings pleasure to patient care with her array of experience. She is known to genuinely grasp patients’ desired outcomes, and is well equipped to discuss trends in beauty appearance, while maintaining a fresh, fun atmosphere. Megan resonates with many as the ideal mix of beauty, brains and a bubbly personality that brings comfort and confidence to those that cross her path.
“Passion for beauty is where I began my journey. Through the years I grew that passion into expert knowledge and personal one-on-one client care. The difference truly lies in experience.”

-Megan Kozak RN, Certified Aesthetic Injector (Founder of POUT

Dr. John R. Coutts - The Pout Clinic

POUT is serious about standards of excellence! With us is Dr.Rob Coutts - a distinguished member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He completed his post-graduate work in Family Medicine and graduated with outstanding honor from the University of Ottawa. Along-side his intensive medical training Dr.Coutts has a passion for art and aesthetics; providing POUT with a unique fusion of top medical expertise and beautification know-how.
His love for medicine and art took him to the Ottawa School of Art and the Toronto School of Art, where he studied extensively whilst practicing medicine. As such he has in-depth training in Aesthetic Medicine and is a proud member of the American Society of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. If that’s not enough, he is also a member of the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, with a certification in Hyperbaric Medicine.
As POUT’s esteemed Medical Director, Dr.Coutts thoroughly screens all clients’ medical history, while offering knowledge and support to all interested parties. Prior to patients undergoing treatment, Dr.Coutts extensively explains the process to ensure each client’s comfort and satisfaction; having obtained an informed consent prior to any procedure.

“Precision, safety and in-depth knowledge are paramount in producing amazing results, especially in cosmetic treatments. Aesthetics is a passion - executing it correctly and beautifully is an art.”

– Dr.Coutts (BSc. MD CCFP - Medical Director of POUT)

Mohammed Alrokayan
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With a passion to produce successful outcomes, I have aligned myself with the necessary skills and first-hand experience to accomplish my goals. I established my first business in 2003, and ventured on as the Founder and CEO of two thriving success-based businesses; Rizq Group Pty Ltd (Saudi Arabia) and CoRise Pty Ltd (Australia), of which the latter I developed and sold. I aim to cultivate businesses beyond their expectations through my broad range of knowledge and my zeal for success.

Alongside the solid networks I maneuver within; which hold a strategic role in harnessing my clients’ potential, I propel businesses by way of my extensive educational background. Rooted in the IT field, I am equipped with a First Class Honours Master’s Degree in Information Technology and stand as a PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing; both from the University of Melbourne (Australia). Having worked in the academic field at King Saud University, as well, being a business practitioner for more than 10 years, I have a wealth of knowledge to offer. I am relentlessly driven in seeking specific knowledge that breeds unprecedented outcomes - then I apply it.

Having earned numerous highly competitive awards in creativity and innovation, such as ‘The Smartest Business Idea by World Economic Forum - The Global Shapers Community in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 2015’ for the development of the ‘Smart Hub’ project, I continue to push mental limits.

Presently, I focus my efforts on building one of the best entrepreneurial developmental programs under my company Rizq Group (Rizq Institute). As an internationally recognized accredited trainer in leadership, I am experienced in fostering the strengths of my clients. I am determined to use my skills to triumph other businesses by guiding them through the ins and outs of business start-up, and developing the same leadership mentality.

It is with the many hidden keys that I have collected through my multi-national entrepreneurial endeavors that I hope to empower business people and innovators. With the power of knowledge in technology, business strategy, and strong targeted networks, it is very possible to create a sustainable, flourishing business. I stand proof of that, and venture to make my life’s work reflect in the success of others.